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  • General FAQ’s
    Is Gemsncoins a wholeseller or a retailer of Colored gemstones?

    Our company is a wholesaler who sells to retailers at wholesale prices. We manufacture our own gemstones and make sure to add normal profit for our important retail clients.

    Why are prices of Colored Gemstones on the internet so high from these well built E commerse websites?

    They are brands and they sell gemstones to the retail market, thus we can accept such prices. Also, the keyword here is “Well built” which basically goes hand in hand with brand and margins. Better look of a website = higher brand = higher price. Gemsncoins is a very normal E-commerce website with lower overhead expenses and is a small company compared to the big shots on the internet.

  • Order related FAQ’s
    Where is my placed order right now?

    If you are looking for a status update on your order, please check out our “Order status” page.

    Can I get a refund for the order I have placed?

    If you are looking to cancel your placed order which was fully paid and if we haven’t shipped it, (we usually ship it the same day or the next day) then we can definitely refund your full amount.

    I have already ordered gems from you a few days ago, can I still add some more items?

    Unfortunately, we cannot add any items once the shipment has left, but we can definitely add more items to the same order but in another shipment.

  • Shipping related FAQ’s
    How long does the Shipping of Gemstones take after I have paid?

    Depending on when you placed the order, your ordered gemstones are shipped that same day or the next day after receiving the payment.

    Which shipping carriers do you use?

    We use all types of Shipping carriers depending on the size of the order and the value of the Gemstone. For orders below $1000 we shipping using USPS. For bigger orders we use may use Fedex/DHL or even USPS sometimes.

    Are shipments trackable and do they have insurance?

    Yes all our shipments are trackable and they all have insurance depending on the value of the order.