25 years
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Company Background

GemsnCoins.com has been in this business for some time now. Since the late 20th century, Patricia Brady, the owner of GemsnCoins, started trading in Diamonds for a company in NYC. As her carrier moved on, her family became an important part of her life; she retired from the Diamond business and settled down in Fayeteville with her Husband Tim and 2 daughters that are settled in their own lives.

Today in 2014, is when the establishment of GemsnCoins.com has come around. Having a passion for Gemstones, Patricia, opened a small company selling her Gemstone collection from the past 20 years, to the public to convert her passion into reality. This reality is a total god's gift, which has changed her life and made her enagaged with customers and dealing with everyday work from her website Gemsncoins.com

Mission Statement: We believe in growing together as a team & giving a chance for everyone to see the beauty in nature, in the power of Gemstones.

Business Values: The values are passed on from generation and generation, our business values come from my family. The values gained in a family is all about respect, helpful nature and honesty, similarly, without any of these Business is also a plain waste.

Business Ojectives: The Objective of Gems and Coins is to satisfy requirements of beautiful women spending less money for the same item in a local store, to satisfy those Investors who buy Investment gemstones without Intrinsic value. Providing the right Gemstones - truely, beautifully, directly.

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gemsncoins offices