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Mohs Scale: Measure the Hardness of Gemstones

Hardness of stones is a topic that is generally debated about and misunderstood. A lot of people ask me
about the hardness of stones all the time. People know that some gems are harder than others, but they
do not have any idea how to determin... Read More

Buy Loose Turquoise with the help of these mind-blowing tips

Loose Turquoise

Want to know Unusual and interesting information about Turquoise gemsto... Read More

Coral Gemstone: Identification, Properties, Price and History

What Is Coral?

Coral, a gemstone which is led by Mars comes in lots of colors, like brown, red, blue, black, white, etc., and is an organic stone such as Pearl too, that is why the chemical structure of Pearl and Coral is similar. Calcium Carbonate is the prime composition of Red Coral is. Red Coral gemstone has been extremely po... Read More

Key Quality Factors of Garnet Gemstone

Garnet is a January birthstone that derives its name from the Latin word “Granatus.”It means, “Like a grain,” which refers to atomic structure resembling embedded seeds. All gemstones share the same general chemical formula for the garnet species. This can be exhibited in, A) Magnesium, ferrous iron,

calcium, or manganese ... Read More

Understanding Pricing Of Tourmaline

Welcome to GNC once again, the below article will be about understanding the pricing of tourmaline, so let’s get started

For centuries, Tourmalines have been enchanting collectors with their unique and varied intense colors. They eluded identification historically and rather were attributed like everything from emeralds to rubies to to... Read More

Understanding the three Big Blue’s: Tanzanite, Blue Topaz And Blue Zircon

There are nine birthstones for December. We cannot discuss all the birthstones of December, so we will talk about the top three December Birthstones. These are Tanzanite, Blue Topaz and Blue Zircon.

If one gemstone doesn’t... Read More

Paraiba Tourmalines: A Million Times Rarer Than Diamonds

Tourmaline, one of the world’s most diversified precious gemstones, and abundant in nature.  Gemstones of good color and size are available and can be found in every naturally occurring color, including colorless.  Even with every color possible, many gem... Read More

How To Determine Good Quality Blue Zircon Stone

Zircon, a gemstone that popular among jewelry buyer and comes in a variety of beautiful color, including sherry, yellow, cinnamon, red and orange. But, people who are well-aware with this gem, zircon is particularly loved for its attractive blue color. But, how you will find out the qual... Read More

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